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SAP DB is now SAP MaxDB! For more information, visit the SAP MaxDB pages in the SAP Developer Network.

tgz Package Installation in Linux

Download the relevant tgz package(s).

Once you have finished the installation, it is recommendable to create and test a sample database.

Additional Prerequisites

  • glibc 2.1x (x=1-3)


The installation program will unpack the software to a local directory of your choice. A version-dependent subdirectory will be created there, which contains the installation packages.

  Check whether your browser changes the package extension from tgz to tar during the download. If so, rename the package to tgz before installing it.
  • All SAP DB Software, currently without Web Tools (37 MB)
  • It is recommended to use the webtools from release 7.4, these can be used with databases of release 7.3.


Follow the instructions given in the relevant installation guide:

Create and test a sample database

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