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Module sapdbapi
(Python DB API 2.0)

General Information

Connect Syntax

Data Conversion

LONG Handling

General Information

Version: 7.3.0

Compatible with SAP DB Version: 7.*.*

Author: SAP AG,

Bug Reports to:

Implements: The Python DB API 2.0

Connect Syntax

connect (user, password, database,
         host = '', **config)
Parameter Notes
user Parameter is case sensitive.
config May contain the following keyword parameters:
autocommit Possible values:
on and off .
sqlmode Possible values:
internal (default value) and oracle
In ORACLE mode, the SQL dialect is compatible with ORACLE 7.
isolation Specify the isolation level as an integer.
For more details please see
SQL Reference => Transactions => CONNECT statement.
timeout Specify the command timeout in seconds.
For more details please see
SQL Reference => Transactions => CONNECT statement.

Data Conversion

sapdbapi implements the recommended functions to convert Python values into the SAP DB internal format.
  • Date (year, month, day)
  • Time (hour, minute, second)
  • Timestamp (year, month, day, hour, minute, second, micros = 0)
  • DateFromTicks (ticks)
  • TimeFromTicks (ticks)
  • TimestampFromTicks (ticks)

Furthermore, sapdbapi exports callable objects to translate SAP DB internal values to Python values:
  • dateTuple: Returns the tuple (year, month, day)
  • timeTuple: Returns the tuple (hour, minute, second)
  • timestampTuple: Returns a tuple in the same format as time.localtime ()
  • dateVal: Returns the no. of seconds since epoch
  • timeVal: Returns the no. of seconds since epoch
  • timestampVal: Returns the no. of seconds since epoch
  • DateFormat (formatString): Returns date formatted by using time.strftime
  • TimeFormat (formatString): Returns time formatted by time.strftime
  • TimestampFormat (formatString): Returns timestamp formatted by time.strftime

The following callable objects can be registered with a Cursor object or with a Connection object. Please note that only newly created objects will use this translation.

  • Registering with a Cursor by position:
    cursor.setTranslation ([
  • Registering with a Cursor by type:
    cursor.setTypeTranslation ({
            'Date': sapdbapi.dateTuple,
            'Time': sapdbapi.timeTuple,
            'Fixed': str})
  • Registering with a Connection by type:
    connection.setTypeTranslation ({
            'Date': sapdbapi.dateTuple,
            'Time': sapdbapi.timeTuple,
            'Fixed': str})

LONG Handling

Output: LONG columns are returned as instances of SapDB_LongReader. This class implements the read () method similar to a file stream.

Input: LONG parameters can be written by using a string or by using a callable object similar to

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