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SAP DB is now SAP MaxDB! For more information, visit the SAP MaxDB pages in the SAP Developer Network.

SAP DB Programming Interfaces

SAP DB is open to many programming languages via open interfaces that separate database and application logic for better scalability.
For developing SAP DB, the following programming interfaces can be used.


C/C++ Precompiler



Support for DBI

SAP DB supports DBI via DBD::ODBC.
From version 0.31, the module DBD::ODBC uses Perl with the SAP DB ODBC-driver.
(Thanks to Flemming Frandsen and the developers of DBD::ODBC.)


You have installed the SAP DB ODBC-driver.


Working with a driver manager:
  • Install DBD::ODBC
  • Install the driver manager
    In Windows NT/98/2000 use the system driver manager. For Unix/Linux you can use the freely available driver managers iODBC or unixODBC.
  • Select the driver via the data source name (DSN)
Working without a driver manager:
  • Build DBD::ODBC using the SAP DB ODBC-libraries
    Set the environment variable $ODBCHOME to the directory in which you have installed ODBC.
    For rpm packages it is /opt/sapdb/interfaces/odbc.
    For tgz packages it is <dependent_path>.
    Before starting the make process, check that the variable has been set correctly. For that purpose, test whether the system finds the file $ODBCHOME/lib/libsqlod.a.
  • Connect to the database:
    • Create the file /var/spool/sql/ini/odbc.ini and define the data source names in it
      (See ODBC Manual: SAP DB)
    • Use <host>:<database_name> as data source name

Additional modules

  The modules DBD::SAP_DB and SAP::DBTech::sapdb are not maintained any more. We recommend to use DBD::ODBC instead.



From version 4.0.3, PHP 4 accesses SAP DB via PHP's Unified ODBC and the SAP DB ODBC-driver. Similar to Perl, this can be performed using a driver manager.
(Thanks to A. Karajannis of the the PHP-ODBC module team).

Support for OLE DB, ADO, DAO, RDO and .NET

Microsoft provides components for using these interfaces via ODBC.
You can find more information on this topic at (For example Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), OLE DB data provider, .NET data provider).

Please check the mailing list archive for information or comments of users who deploy some of these techniques.

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