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SAP DB is now SAP MaxDB! For more information, visit the SAP MaxDB pages in the SAP Developer Network.

SAP DB History

1977 – 1980

  • Research project at Technical University of Berlin
  • Topic "Distributed databases on mini-computers"
  • Industry partner: Nixdorf Computer AG

1981 – 1989

  • SQL DBMS product development at Nixdorf Computer AG
  • Product name "DDB/4"
  • Shipped on Unix platforms (Targon systems)
  • About 2000 installations
  • Technology licensed by Cincom and re-branded as "Supra 2"

1989 – 1992

  • Spin-off of the DDB/4 development team as a subsidiary
  • Takeover of Nixdorf Computer AG by Siemens AG
  • Subsidiary of Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG
  • Technology licensed by Software AG and re-branded

1993 – 1997

  • License agreement with SAP AG
  • SAP R/3 available on SAP DB's predecessor
  • About 800 installations in combination with SAP R/3

1997 – 2000

  • Installed database customer base gets serviced by SAP AG
  • SAP AG resells database under the name "SAP DB"
  • Forked development of the database code
  • Members of the development team join SAP AG
  • Substantial investment in new functional releases of SAP DB
  • Object data management added to SAP DB
  • Used in SAP’s SCM product APO (liveCache technology)
  • SAP DB becomes DBMS option for all mySAP components
  • SAP DB is part of SAP Content Server (document management)

2000 – today

  • SAP DB goes Open Source under GNU public license (GPL)
  • Goals
    • To create a user community outside of SAP applications
    • To foster competition in the DBMS market
    • To gain feedback through the open source community to improve SAP DB
  • SAP is continuing its substantial investment in SAP DB technology

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