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SAP DB is now SAP MaxDB! For more information, visit the SAP MaxDB pages in the SAP Developer Network.

CVS Access to the SAP DB Sources

You can access the SAP DB sources from the CVS server, using the following commands:

  1. Type in a single line:
    cvs -d login
  2. Press ENTER when you are asked for a password.
  3. Type in a single line:
    cvs -z5 -d co -P <project>

project ::= sapdb-73 | sapdb-743 | TOOLSRC | WinGUI

sapdb-73 Sources of SAP DB 7.3.00
sapdb-743 Sources of the SAP DB 7.4.03 software package (GPL/LGPL)
TOOLSRC Sources of the SAP DB build tools
WinGUI Sources of the Database Manager GUI and SQL Studio


There is an incompatibility between some CVS versions. When you use the compression option (-z), the client does not disconnect from the server after all files having been transferred. In this case, you can disconnect the client manually.

The SAP DB sources are copied from a Perforce server, which uses a different schema for naming revisions. For identifying the Perforce version of a CVS file, we need the following information:

  • The project name (for example sapdb-73)
  • The branch (for example Release-7_3_00_25)
  • The Perforce change list number of a specific revision, that can be found in the commit comment (for example Perforce change list 26623)

Every project contains a file sys/changes/commit.txt. You can use that file for tracking the project changes:

  • Key in cvs log sys/changes/commit.txt for displaying the comment for every commit.
  • Every revision of this file contains a list of files that have been commited at the same time. You can use this information for tracking the change history of an entire CVS project

How to create SAP DB from scratch

  1. Getting the sources of the build tools
    cvs ... co TOOLSRC
  2. Compiling the build tools
    (cd TOOLSRC; ./configure; make)
  3. Getting the sources of the database software
    cvs ... co sapdb-743
  4. Creating the configuration script
    python TOOLSRC/bin/ sapdb-743
  5. Executing the configuration script
    . sapdb-743/devsapdb
  6. Building the database software
    imf all


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