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The volumes in which the database content is recorded by pagers are called data volumes. All data volumes together form the data area.

Among other things, the data volumes contain the application data and the metadata of the database catalog.

Managing Application Data

The application data of a table or index can use just one page in the data area as a minimum. A table can extend across all data volumes of the data area as a maximum. A table increases or decreases in size automatically without administrative intervention. As a rule, a database-internal striping algorithm distributes the data belonging to a table evenly across all the data volumes.

It is therefore not possible or necessary to assign tables to the individual data volumes.

For more information, see Data Management Using B* Trees in Background Knowledge: SAP DB

Managing Data Volumes

You can configure one or more data volumes when you install a new database instance. The disk storage space defined by all the data volumes is the total size of the database, and must not fall below 2000 pages.

During database operation, you can add new data volumes. The number of data volumes is limited by the general database parameter MAXDATAVOLUMES.

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For secure database operation, perform regular data backups.


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